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Living Battery - Remember Matrix!?

Steam user : Click
Non-steam : Click

Living Battery is a mod that add generator which is use pawns for generate power!!! Only pawns. Not need any other thing.

Living Battery produces 300W power, If pawn is inside.
It can be research after Electricity.

If you want to throw prisoner to living battery, You should hit them first.
After they knock out, Click right mouse button and choose throw! :P

Of course, It can be add on saves.

Code : Smart erdelf and stupid totobrother = (tobe)
Art : Yionguon and totobrother.

Here is powerful version which produces double than origin.  Click

A17 version : Click1 or Click2

If you want to buy some coke.
https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?c=1303650 <-- here and give me 1$ !! It help me making mod a lot !!

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